The South Tyroleans discovered early the excellent quality of the local apples. Apples have been cultivated in South Tyrol already for centuries. The company Slanzi Gamper & CO. GPs. was founded by Mr. Giulio Slanzi Gamper in 1960. He started as a small farmer and he continuously expanded the operation by updating the product range, i.e. machinery, packaging and merchandise, always further and developed new markets. In the following years the next generation also joined the company and now leads the company according to his former vision. The fulfillment of our customer wishes is our primary goal, as well as to protect the health and safety of the consumer. These goals can only be achieved if there is a harmony between the interest partners. The employees are the most important resource, their education and training is very important for the company. The ethical principles are respected. Compliance with all statutory provisions in point HACCP in the production, packaging and delivery of the apples is a prerequisite for the company Slanzi Gamper. Therefore, the suppliers are always checked and we maintain constant contact. The owners agree to comply with all national and international laws for the distribution of goods, so that the operation can be competitive in the future and at the same time preserving the jobs of our employees can be guaranteed. Nowadays the company has grown and exports their apples worldwide.